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Affordable AI glasses built for the visually impaired to assist them to live independently.

Chun Yu

  • Project Description

    In the States, over 3 million people are visually impaired. My uncle was one of them. My uncle Victor was blind and didn’t get much education due to his disability. His whole life, he was in search of a job to support himself. As a kid growing up with him, I remember that he was holding a book and weeping with a sense that he was helpless. He wanted to learn and educate himself, but that was a difficult job in those days. He was dependent on his family members to support him not only financially, but also during his daily activities. Our solution: Affordable AI glasses for the visually impaired to help them to live independently Our product can run online and offline. For online, it connects to Amazon to use all AWS services, For offline, it can process text to voice and object recognition. For privacy concerns, some people don't want to have Amazon process their credit or bank statements. Because it is personal, you want to keep it to yourself, and not send it to the internet. There are many AI glasses in the market, however, they are very expensive, cost over $3500, and with limited features. For people who cannot afford AI glasses,  they use mobile apps, like Microsoft Seeing AI, super sense but it is very inconvenient to use a phone app, you need first open the app and then hold the phone and point it to the object. Well, not everyone can pay CD$5000 for AI glasses. But, It is what it is... Our product will make a difference in the lives of the visually impaired.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    This is the right time due to the pandemic situation. A visually impaired person doesn’t get a lot of help from someone physically helping them whom they usually rely on. Due to the social distancing guidelines and safety protocols, the assistance becomes very low, and visually impaired people are helpless. This product would help them fill that gap.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our product works both offline and online to use the latest version of AWS services. While offline, it disconnects the AWS services but still works on the essential services - text to voice and object recognition. Our innovative design and solution is cost-effective which brings the cost down and easy to replace Privacy option enablement - Our product’s offline and online feature would provide an option to the user to make a choice of not sending the private data online (cloud)

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    we will use the money to create social media campaigns to create awareness of our product, hire a developer to improve the product