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Mobile wearable technology that analyzes an athletes form and efficiency to help them move better!

Matheus Turra

  • Project Description

    In 2019 the NCAA, the largest college sports organization in the country, generated an annual revenue of $1Billion for the second year in a row. Then the COVID-19 happened. Professional, collegiate, and high school athletic programs and games ground to a halt and innumerable breakout years for athletes weren't seen by the people who needed it the most. Coaches from all categories of sports found themselves with limited training spaces and one-on-one time with their athletes while also training remotely. Even though the COVID pandemic has been subdued for the most part, there's a pre-pandemic problem that remains for coaches. Coaches don't have a quantifiable method to continuously evaluate how their athletes are progressing throughout a season and collegiate career. That's where Extruo comes in. We are a mobile wearable technology company that uses a sensor suite to analyze an athlete's form and efficiency to provide them with recommendations on areas of improvement and to evaluate their risk of injury. Mobile Bluetooth sensors are attached to the athletes body while they train. Post training they receive a personalized form and efficiency evaluation report, via a mobile dashboard, that compares the current session to previous training sessions. Allowing our athletes to quickly view the weeks when substantial progress was made to help them associate routines or weight training programs with improved athletic performance.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    The advent of the Apple watch and other gadgets that track physical activity have made mainstream society crave personalized digital health plans now more than ever before. Making personalized wearable technology more easily adoptable into current systems and processes. Due to the pandemic, coaches have realized that the training facilities and systems that they've built over numerous years are fragile and can be easily disrupted. They've had to become more creative about identifying methods to continue to challenge their athletes even when they're not directly around them. Making Extruo well positioned to succeed in a post-pandemic society.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Currently technologies on the market use a single node on an athlete's wrist or upper spine to evaluate their total energy usage and how much time that they spend on specific areas of a field while training or in a game. Meanwhile, Extruo's product is placed on multiple locations on the athletes lower body to provide them with an in depth analysis of their training. The latest advances in electronics and biomechanics are combined into a single platform to analyze how an athlete's form and efficiency is changing throughout their training. Algorithms and Machine Learning tools are used to identify key risk indicators to predict how injury prone an athlete is as well.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    We will use the $10,000 and the additional funds from other startup accelerators that we're finalists in to bring on a full-time Data Scientist to help us with different aspects of our business. Their responsibilities include applying their expertise to quantitatively analyze our internal data to understand how users are interacting with our hardware and software products. They will also be responsible for building and analyzing data dashboards and reports to identify trends and future business opportunities.