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Heal ME Fit

Heal Me Fit is a Saas software company that gathers biometric data from a truck driver's Fitbit. We

Raven Mcneal m.b.a

  • Project Description

    Heal Me Fit is a Saas software that captures biometric data from a wearable worn by a truck driver analyzes the data to provide insights and analytics to transportation companies. The information is distributed in a customized health data board that displays information regarding each truck driver's data. There is also a mobile application that will provide customized recommendations from a doctor based on the truck driver’s biometric data to help increase their health.
    Heal ME Fit
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    There is currently a shortage of truck drivers. Age transformation is taking place in the industry and they are focused on recruiting and retaining drivers while keeping them safe and the cost of doing business low. A 180 billion dollars is spent annually in the transportation industry because of traffic accidents and work-related injuries. Now is the time to take truck drivers' health seriously.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our competitor would be rolling strong, a health and wellness company created by a truck driver who saw the need to improve and maintain driver health.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Operational expense 2500 software development: 2000 Employees: 2000 Customer discovery survey: 1000 Testing MVP: 1000 Marketing: 500 Connecting with clients: 1000 My plan will be to pay for the operational expenses of the company for 3 months. Which will allow me to focus on continue to validate the product and implement the software into new clients to test it and begin gathering data and feedback. We will be able to pay our current employees for 3 months increasing their productivity and time spent on the company weekly. We would also pay our software developer to ensure we have a workable MVP to better our position to raise a round of funding for the business.