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Building intentional family communities by connecting you to families near you with values like you.

Chamberlin Newsome

  • Project Description

    Kindr is a family building app to help you curate your village. Using the familiar structure of a dating app to help parents easily build intentional family communities wherever they are by connecting them to families nearby with values they share. Kindr uses familiar algorithms and tools to connect families and help them to bond better. As a new parent your time is valuable that’s why we encourage real life interactions thru ask, borrow, and give meetup activities. This ensures life enriching meetups right from the start. We make meet ups easy with scheduling thru Calendly built directly into the app. Becoming a parent opens a whole new world of joy and possibility, but if you don’t have the proper support it can be hard and lonely. Through research and experience we found that there aren’t adequate resources to help parents find new friends, and none that we truly connected with. Almost everything we found focused solely on the mom, but what about the dad? Or other mom? or the dad and dad? Your new best friend might be right around the corner but your paths haven’t crossed cause you’re in your own bubbles. Or maybe it’s just too awkward to start the conversation. Kindr helps open that door by giving you the tools to intentionally build your community. Spending 5 - 10 minutes on Kindr can lead to a life long friend and the building of you and your families chosen village.
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    After a year of forced social isolation for the world, we can all empathize with how hard it is to live alone, both mentally and physically. Now more then ever people are looking to build their local support village and they want to do it intentionally. Our target audience is new parents age 21 - 40 focusing on families in urban environments or that have recently relocated. This age range is already familiar with the dating app format. Perhaps they even met on one;) They already look online for love, connection, work and play. Kindr is designed to help families connect online too. Kindr also helps communities to share resources saving them time and money. This is also a much more sustainable way to live, which the whole world needs.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    We are a contemporary and cool family building app. There are apps to connect new moms to other moms and Facebook meet up groups, but nothing that focuses on the whole family and their specific needs to help bond faster and better. We are an app for all kinds of families. Gay, straight, trans, rich and poor. We believe it is important for all parents regardless of gender to have support in the community. To help share resources and knowledge, save money, give advice. This app will help us to find out the needs of the whole family so that we too can grow with them.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    If we win this money we will use it for market research, marketing (which is much needed to portray the image we have in mind), building a killer pitch deck to raise money so we can start development of the app since we already have a prototype.