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A linket is like a domain name, but in any language, to sell in Hindi, Mandarin etc.

Wes Boudville

  • Project Description

    "A linket is like a brand, like a domain. Jill is a tutor and gets the linket [Tutor Jill]. She promotes it in social media. She points it to a tutoring app she uses. A student Tim searches and finds the linket. When he clicks it, the app is installed and run on his phone, in student mode. It connects to her app, in tutor mode. He pays, she tutors. If next month Jill finds a better app, she tells us to point her linket to the new app. Then when students click her linket, it takes them to the new app. Her linket is not owned by the apps. The apps get an easier install via linkets than thru a manual search of the app store. This allows affordable tutoring. In the US, in-person tutors charge $50/hour. A tutor in India can charge $10/hour for remote tutoring, which is a good middle class income in India. Paying $50/hour cannot be afforded by many US families. It perpetuates existing inequalities in US society. Linkets attack US inequality. Another use case is gaming. A gamer makes her living streaming on Twitch. But to game firms, Twitch is the middleman. A fan who watches on Twitch is a customer of Twitch, not the game. The gamer can use the linket [Gamer Ann]. It points to a read only version of the game, made by the firm. She promotes her linket on the Web. When a fan clicks it, it installs the read only game. Now he is a customer of the game. We have 13 US patents granted on our tech. We have early revenue of $4200 from selling linkets."
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    We just received several more patents in the last 2 years, for a total of 13 US patents. This gives us enforceable IP. Plus we started selling linkets in Dec 2020 and garnered early revenue.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    Our 13 US patents. These are granted utility patents. Not patents pending or provisional patent applications. Most startups might have 1 or 2 patents pending, which are not patents and there is no guarantee that the pendings will pass scrutiny by the US government. Every startup says they are unique. We say that too. But our patents are independent corroboration by the US government that our ideas are unique globally, not just in the US. Under US law, this is a requirement for any patent. And the US government has given this corroboration 13 times. Also, we have a mascot. Link Cat explains linkets in videos. It is like Tony the Tiger (Exxon) or Hello Kitty or the Geico Gecko.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Put together a cheap marketing campaign on social media. We already have sales, using ad hoc marketing (without a budget) consisting of asking people we met on Lunchclub, Facebook, LinkedIn. We need to make this more systematic and test if this scales up.