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Never Scrape

NeverScrape is an invention for covering, protecting but more important, REMOVING SNOW from vehicles

Ide Ehigiato

  • Project Description

    NeverScrape® came to us out of necessity! We got tired of laboriously removing snow from our cars in the winter because there wasn't any easy way to do it.  We searched on google and YouTube, many people have tried to solve the problem to no avail: Search and you'll find anything from brushes, scrapers, shovels (yes, I said shovels), brooms, tarps, hot water (please don't do this), to sprayable chemicals. With NeverScrape, you can remove a ton of snow from your car in just a couple of minutes. NeverScrape’s high tensile flaps and straps provide a mechanical advantage to remove snow gradually. NeverScrape was tested for years in the harsh New England winters. No other product on the market is as capable as NeverScrape! Your car is protected from snow, ice, rain, dust and the sun. NeverScrape is a high quality outdoor car cover with the additional functionality of snow removal and sun protection! Your car's paint and interior will last longer and your wipers won't stick to the windshield during icy cold conditions. No more brushing! No more Scraping! Yay!!!
    Never Scrape
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Winter is inevitable! It’s only 7 months away. For the first time, there is a solution that makes snow removal easy and quick!

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    There is no other car cover on the market designed for snow removal. NeverScrape is revolutionary. It does everything a car cover does, plus the added functionality of snow removal.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    Inventory purchase. My Manifacturing source is ready to go. The $10 will help with my first production order.